Planned Obsolescence

Have you ever wondered why vintage products always seem to last much longer and be of a much higher quality than the things we buy today despite the fact that science has developed and the infinite knowledge it holds today?
It's called planned obsolescence and it was born in the twenties when a few people decided long lasting products were bad for the economy. The light bulb was the first victim of planned obsolescence.

At this point in history people thought about Earth as an abundance of resources. With the knowledge we have today it seems odd that planned obsolescence is still a dominant factor when products are designed. 

If we are to move into an era of sustainable production and consumption producers have an enormous power and responsibility to create products with a long life span. A paradigm shift which is clearly needed when you look at land fills in developing countries full of our old technology, trashing what used to be flourishing and healthy nature full of life. 


This documentary beautifully pics the topic. 

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