Bio Mimicry

My aim is to imitate sea weed and bark from trees, working with micro/macro, exaggerating the forms and shapes, creating a fabric which in the end can be used for unisex garments.  

Working with mainly black and grey can be a challenge when imitating bark, but it serves as an inspiration and there are lots of possibilities for play and experimenting. The seaweed is hard to imitate and I don’t yet see many ways of doing this.

I want to work with contrasts using fine, soft, thin material together with leather og other heavy materials, experiemting with layers and application embroidry.  The sea weed I will try to imitate by using yarn and trying to create the different strings and branches.

Water Crystals

The collection When Water Changes rose from this print design project, where I was inspired by water crystals, pictures from a study by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emototaken. It shows how the water creates different microscopic constellations depending on thoughts directed toward it. The print pattern  evolved from one of his pictures.