TARDIGRADOUS   -   A/W 2015 Collection

A strategy to change today’s spiralling over-consumption is for designers to promote emotional attachment through meaningful relationships with our clothes. The collection is an investigation of how designers can trigger a bond between the wearer, the garment and the designer. The name TARDIGRADOUS, which means slow-paced, moving or stepping slowly, represents both the making process and the life of the garments.

The concept is an androgynous one-of-a-kind showpiece collection for the avant-garde fashion brand Tibbe Smith for A/W 2015. The collection draws inspiration from old Japanese warriors, their armour, draped garments and their unshakable attitudes. It is made from recycled garments with emphasis on the aesthetic experience, where the makers behind the garment are made explicit and the time of the process is incorporated in the design. The tactile surfaces with innovative interpretations of appliqué and pojagi patchwork play an important role for the aesthetic experience. The aim of the collection is to promote emotional attachment by prolonging the decoding time of the garment through a complex expression, thus creating a slow experience.

Photography: Nicolas Andreou
Model: Mona Stilling
Make-up: Kira Kyhn

Shadows Of Light

This collection was inspired by the shapes created by light and shadow as I played with folds, shapes and cuts in different materials. 

Photography: Kaare Smith

Model: Marit Stigson

When Water Changes

 This collection takes its starting point in water crystals, pictures from a study by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emototaken. It shows how the water creates different microscopic constellations depending on thoughts directed toward it.

The result is a combination of sharp cuts, flowing forms and prints expressing how grand something as microscopic as water crystals can be. 

Photography: Kaare Smith 
Model: Marit Stigson

Industrial Blindness

In this collection, I have looked to old industrial buildings, big cities and our modern society for inspiration. I examined how we perceive the world today. Distorted shapes and deconstruction, along with prints made by accident, symbolize that we didn’t know the effect the industrialisation would have on our world. Our modern world has been built through generations and now with new knowledge we have to deconstruct both the way we live and our perception of the world. 

Photography: Kaare Smith

Model: Marit Stigson


Braid Me

Braid Me is slow fashion jewelry, where each piece is unique and hand braided. The chain is carefully selected second hand chains.


Re-Bags is a collection of bags mainly made from a combination of post-consumer waste; second hand leather second hand zippers and new fabrics.